Porta Bugiarda

Amber Ale from Nadir Brewery


The Nadir Brewery’s personal interpretation of the amber ale style, takes its name from an ancient gate of the Pigna, the historic center of Sanremo. In the glass it has an intense amber color with coppery reflections and develops a compact and creamy foam. On the nose, the hopping is expressed with peppery and woody notes reminiscent of tobacco, and lets emerge the much more decisive characters of the malt: chestnut honey, biscuit, licorice and caramel can be recognized. The aromatic complex recurs on the palate combined with a soft and round body, accentuated by a contained carbonation. To balance the sweet intensity of the malts, a liquorice root bitterness appears on the finish.

La Porta Bugiarda meets the taste of lovers of intense and malty beers and lends itself to pairing with savory dishes.

Bott 33cl - ingredienti: acqua, malto d'orzo, luppolo, lievito, zucchero. Contiene glutine. Birra ambrata, rotonda e maltata | Alc. 5,4% Vol

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