Beatter Generation

The pale ale of the west coast of Liguria. Hoppy and fresh.


The pale ale of the west coast of Liguria, its name is a dedication to the experience outside the lines of the beat generation. With an intense golden color, in the glass it develops a rich and persistent foam. The aroma is dominated by the unmistakable, fresh character of the American Cascade hops, with its aromas of citrus (grapefruit) and orange blossom. To support the hopping, the pale malt base adds a delicately toasted touch and guarantees balance to the drink. On the finish, the bitterness is intense and evokes the already encountered aromas of citrus peel, making the Beatter Generation a decidedly dry and drinkable beer.

It can be enjoyed on its own, one pint after another, or in combination with the strong flavors of Mediterranean street food and ethnic cuisine.


Bott 33cl - ingredienti: acqua, malto d'orzo, luppolo, lievito, zucchero. Contiene glutine. Birra chiara, intensamente luppolata | Alc. 5,2% Vol

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