Taggiasco Extravirgin

Gin 100% Made in Italy.
A distillation of ideas, passions, good advice and excellent raw materials. A recipe of aromas and flavors of the Valle Argentina and Val Susa.

You need a tree to make a gin

I have been talking to Davide Pinto, my partner in crime, for some time. In short, we thought, how difficult can it be to combine a special distillate and an olive grove? We need ideas, high quality raw materials, and some good tips. So we began to imagine our gin together, a balance between juniper and olive: two leathery bushes, just like the two of us.


Two heads, many friends.

This adventure has had many indispensable supporters: from those who have loaded us during each phase to those who have told us "we are not there yet", but the most precious contribution was that of Denis Muni: expert alchemist, absolute and passionate nose. A kind of Virgil of distillates.

Taggiasco Extravirgin by Armax

Here comes Taggiasco

This is how Taggiasco ExtravirGin was born, during the February 2017 flood, in the aging cellar of Eataly. Me, Davide and Michele (the bartender) were at the "Taverna Clandestina" party organized by Davide and there we started playing with Buchi's "Rotovapor" that good Andrea Penno had put at our disposal. The machine allowed us to distil anything at low temperature. So why not try distilling a gin with my dry Taggiasche olives? The result, after 1 hour of distillation, was interesting. The people who tried it were immediately amazed by the experiment. He really seemed to like it! That was the moment when we convinced ourselves that the project should be carried out. From that day it took over a year of work to get to the finished bottle, distilled for us by the experts of Torino Distillati, a historic company in Moncalieri.

Taggiasco Extravirgin

The first Taggiasca Olives Gin

In his recipe are enclosed all the aromas and flavors of the Argentina Valley, where the ROI oil mill resides, and the bitter and evergreen notes of Alta Valsusa Juniper berries.

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Le montagne, il mare

Taggiasco Extravirgin is the first gin with 100% Italian Taggiasca olives. 100% inimitable.

In his recipe are enclosed all the aromas and flavors of the Argentina Valley, where the ROI oil mill resides, and the bitter and evergreen notes of Alta Valsusa Juniper berries. Both ingredients are born on steep, suggestive and romantic slopes, and both are difficult to reach and collect, both olives, for bacchianti, and juniper berries for those who have to climb among the spines of the shrubs.


Ideal for cocktails, complete as it is.

All these suggestions can be savored in every single sip of Taggiasco Extravirgin: the territorial character, the emotions of the sea and the mountains and the unique sensory ensemble. In our opinion, that we know about enogastronomy and "bon vivre", Taggiasco Extravirgin is a special distillate that will win the barman, thanks to its versatile and original nature, and the real gourmets who know how to appreciate intimate and sophisticated nuances and prefer to taste the Pure Gin.

Paolo Boeri Roi

the new generation of Roi house

He has strong roots, like those of the olive trees among which he has grown, but also branches that protract towards the highest ideas. Passionate about food and wine, travel, design and ... He is passionate, period.

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Taggiasco Extravirgin

The gin with Taggiasca olives

In its recipe, you can find all the fragrances of the Valle Argentina, where Roi's olive oil mill is, and the bitter mark of the juniper's fruits from Val di Susa.

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