The Teaching Farm

The “Gaaci” Teaching Farm

Oliver Roi helps us to understand the world of extra virgin olive oil…

Aims of the activity

It is becoming increasingly important to make children aware of how products that we find on our table every day are made, and of the importance of the authenticity of food. To achieve this we must create a connection between food and the environment that surrounds us.

A child’s preference regarding food can influence what families buy, and because of this, they must be taken into consideration as little consumers: By allowing them to participate in the harvest of olives in the countryside, showing them the Ligurian landscape, the pressing of the olives in the mill and allowing them to taste the oil, they will acquire a greater awareness about the product and will increase their education.

The Teaching Farm activities are aimed at nursery school pupils (5 years old), as well as those in primary and secondary school. The number of pupils on each outing will be between 30 and 40. The activities take place between 10.00 and 16.00. Children will need to bring a packed lunch.

We will collect the olives, look at the trees (their colour, shape, dimension), follow the working process in the olive mill, learn to taste the various oils, prepare an identity card for an olive tree and make a fact sheet about the products that can be made from the olive tree and its olives. The story of “Nonno Ulivo” will be told to younger children.

The day will be divided into three different teaching sessions.

1- The children will learn how olive oil is produced at the olive mill (10:00am)
Having arrived at the Frantoio Roi and given a brief introduction to the day, we will begin by visiting the olive mill. All children will be involved in the activity; they will be taken to see the machines and we will explain what they are used for. The children will also have an oil tasting session with bread and fresh oil, which has just come out of the separator.

2- Laying of the nets and olive collection (12:00pm)
We will leave to go to the countryside. After a 10/15 minute walk we will reach the olive grove. We will be able to feed the donkeys, out to pasture. We will then stop for a packed lunch in a heated venue. After lunch we will begin harvesting: We will put the nets down, and beat the trees with sticks. The children will be divided into groups for this activity.

3- Through play we’ll discover the world of the olive and of extra virgin olive oil (14:00pm)

The children will be involved in recreational-teaching activtities, such as preparing identity cards for olives or a fact sheet where they will list the produce of olive trees. The older children (10-11 years old and those in secondary school) will be introduced to olive oil tasting and can begin to learn about the virtues and weaknesses of the oil. The recreational-teaching activities can be chosen by the teachers throughout the day, depending on the amount of time available.

At 16:00pm all activities will end and the children will return home.
The children will be able to bring what they make during the day back home. The children will also receive a game of snakes and ladders as a present, about the production of olive oil.

Useful information

The activities will be explained and carried out by Rossella Boeri, owner of the “Gaaci” teaching farm. The activities in the olive mill will be explained and carried out by her husband Franco, owner of the “Roi” olive mill.

All materials used during the activities (nets, beating sticks, fact sheets, games, colouring pens, glue, scissors) will be provided by the “Gaaci” teaching farm. The teaching room is located near the olive grove, and this is where the children will also eat their packed lunch.

In the eventuality of bad weather it will not be possible to go to the countryside. Instead, the day will take place in the olive mill. The recreational-teaching activites will also take place here.

We would advise that the children wear comfortable clothing such as trainers and tracksuits. The children may get dirty tasting and collecting the olives.

The teaching farm is located in Badalucco, in Via Argentina 2. It is easily reached by coach (arriving at 10.20 and returning at 15.20). It is possible to request additional bus services if there are sufficient passengers. If arriving by private coach, you should take the Arma di Taggia motorway exit and follow signs for Taggia/Triora. Badalucco is approximately 12 km away from the motorway exit.

For bookings or to request additional information regarding prices, please contact:
Rossella Boeri
Azienda Agricola Gaaci
Via Argentina 1
18010 Badalucco IM
Tel. +39 0184 408 004
Fax +39 0184 407 800
Mobile +39 335 722 63 09