Educational farm

Discovering genuineness with Oliver Roi

A journey through culture and tradition to let children discover how we obtain the products that we find each day on our table and the importance of the authenticity of the food and the environment that surrounds them. The visit aims to educate young palates to the taste and quality by making them take part to the olive harvest in the countryside, showing them the production in the olive oil mill and introducing them to the tasting. In addition, we believe that providing children with more knowledge about the product helps in making informed consumers for the future. 

The activities of the Educational Farm are addressed to pupils of the kindergarten, starting from the age of 5, primary and secondary school. For each excursion, the number of participants will be between 25 and 30. The activity takes place from 10am to 4pm. Children must bring a packed lunch.

We collect the olives, we look at the trees (color, shape, size), we follow the processing in the mill, we learn to taste the oil as the panel tests, we prepare the identity card of the tree, we make the card of the products obtained from the olive tree and its fruit. The story of Nonno Ulivo (Grandpa Olive Tree) is told to the little ones.

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Educational units

1 – We learn in the olive oil mill how oil is produced (10:00 am)
After the arrival at the firm and a brief introduction to the day, we start with a visit to the olive oil mill. All the children will be involved in the activity, they will be guided around the equipment and we will explain them how it works.  
Once the work is finished, they will taste bread with oil, as soon as it comes out of the separator.


2 - We spread the nets and collect the olives (at 12:00)
We leave for the farmland. After a walk of about 10/15 minutes we arrive inside the olive grove. It will be possible to feed the donkeys grazing in the countryside. Then break for a packed lunch in a heated room. Then the harvest begins: the nets are spread and the plants are beaten with the poles.
The children are divided into groups.


3 – We play to discover the world of the olive trees and of the extra virgin olive oil (2:00 pm)
The children are involved in fun-educational activities, for example preparing the identity card of the olive tree or a card where they will have to add the products of the olive tree. The eldest (4th and 5th grade and middle school) will be introduced to the oil tasting and can begin to distinguish the qualities and flaws. The teachers will choose among these activities, depending on the time available. 


4:00pm, end of activities and way back home.

Children can take home the work done during the day. We give the game of the goose to all, naturally about the oil production.

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Useful information

Rossella Boeri, owner of the agricutural company Gaaci, will explain and follow all the activities. While her husband Franco, will follow the activities in the olive oil mill.


The Educational Farm Gaaci will provide all the materials needed for the activities (nets, poles, boards, games, colors, glue, scissors). The teaching room is located next to the olive grove and, there, we will eat the packed lunch.


In case of bad weather, the farmland will not be accessible and the day will take place in the olive oil mill, with the recreational-educational activities.


We recommend comfortable clothing, sneakers and overalls. It is possible that the children get dirty by tasting the oil or collecting the olives.


The educational farm is located in Badalucco, Via Argentina 2. It is easily reachable by bus (arrival at about 10.20 and return at 15.20). You can ask for a doubling of the ride. For private coaches, Arma di Taggia motorway exit, follow the indications to Taggia / Triora. Badalucco is about 12 km from the highway exit.






Rossella Boeri 
Azienda Agricola Gaaci 
Via Argentina 1 
18010 Badalucco IM
Tel. +39 0184 408 004
Fax +39 0184 407 800
Port +39 335 722 63 09

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