Bistrot dell’Ulivo 2019

10 years of Bistrot dell’Ulivo, always with the same passion for beauty and goodness of the Argentina Valley! This year the Certificate goes to Silvia and Matteo Oliva of “La Fontana Dell’Olmo”.

10 years of history!

On Saturday (Badalucco, Ortai Region, 18:00) the now traditional ritual of the Bistrot dell'Ulivo (Cold pressing, thoughts in freedom) is repeated, a serious and light-hearted reflection that for ten years (this is the ninth edition, but it all started with a number zero) brings together in the Argentina valley numerous names from the world of entertainment, business, culture, journalism, gathered by Franco and Rossella Boeri Roi, oil millers and organizers of the event.

Il Bistrot dell'Ulivo has the ambition to induce reflection, in the shade of age-old trees, about the difficulties of agriculture in general and in western Liguria in particular, and to enhance young people who continue family traditions or return to doing agriculture. The topic under discussion in this tenth edition will be "10 years of Bistrot: what happened to the characters, what happened to the winners, what happened in the world".

As always, many friends of Franco and Rossella will participate, personalities such as the architect Stefano Boeri, Michele Serra, Carlin Petrini, Oscar Farinetti, Sergio Staino, Pietro Galeotti, Gigi Garanzini, Antonio Ricci, Mauro Pagani, Omar Pedrini, Walter Lagorio, Walter Vacchino , Gianni Berrino, Stefano Senardi, Alberto Biancheri and many others. As always, the interventions of L'Ora Canonica (Pippo Bessone, Claudio Dadone, Luca Occelli) are highly anticipated. Il Bistrot dell'Ulivo will be animated by Antonio Silva, presenter of the Tenco Prize author song review.

Silver (Guido Silvestri) per Bistrot dell'Ulivo 2019

The illustration of the poster of the Bistrot dell'Ulivo 2019 was designed by Guido Silvestri, aka Silver, the father of Lupo Alberto. The protagonists of course are Alberto and Mosè, the shepherd dog who in the funny strips of Silver bludgeon the unfortunate blue wolf. This time, instead of the traditional baseball bat, Moses brandishes a massive olive branch. Silver, first a pupil and then a collaborator of Bonvi, author of Nick Carter and Sturmtruppen among others, has given us over forty years of hilarious comedy and intelligent satire sprung from a spark, a stroke of genius that dates back to 1974: a wolf who , instead of tearing the hen kidnapped from the hen house, he falls in love with it. His strips, as well as in the comics on newsstands, can also be found on the weekly TV Sorrisi e Canzoni, where he mimics the programs of Italian television. Silver joins the prestigious list of artists who have "signed" the poster of the Bistrot dell'Ulivo: Sergio Staino, Francesco Rubino, Annalisa Braggio, Altan, Milo Manara, Ellekappa, Andrea Moresco, Hurricane (Ivan Manuppelli), Lorenzo Mattotti.

Silvia e Matteo Oliva - La Fontana dell'Olmo - awarded 2019

La Fontana dell'Olmo, much more than a simple farmhouse

This year the certificate of esteem will be delivered to Silvia and Matteo Oliva, of the farm "La fontana dell'Olmo", of Agaggio (Molini di Triora). They manage a farm where they offer catering (in Agaggio) and hospitality (in Drego), educational farm and guided excursions. "La fontana dell'Olmo" is a multifunctional farm that grows fruit and vegetables used in the refreshment point in a natural way and without the use of chemicals. Silvia and Matteo raise animals, including brigasca sheep and the Cabannina cow (both Ligurian breeds in danger of extinction), chamois goats from the Alps and a donkey named Garibaldi, as well as low court animals such as rabbits and chickens. They are also a social farm of the Liguria Region: they host children from psychiatric communities on a weekly basis with whom they carry out work in the countryside following the cycle of the seasons. They received the recognition of the Coldiretti "Oscar Green 2017" regional award in the "AgriYou" section dedicated to social issues. The farm "La fontana dell'Olmo" thus becomes part of the list of those to whom the Bistrot dell'Ulivo recognizes esteem and gratitude: Az. Agr. The Arzene farmhouse (sheep farming), Antica Cugge distillery (extracts for perfumes), Az. Agr. Castellarone (officinal herbs), Valle Argentina Consortium (producers' association), Moscatello di Taggia Consortium (winemakers), Antica Distilleria Guglielmi (distilled orange blossom), Az. Agr. Poggio di Marò (saffron from Triora), Az. Agr. Fam. Ankle (horticulture).

Paolo Boeri Roi

the new generation of Roi house

He has strong roots, like those of the olive trees among which he has grown, but also branches that protract towards the highest ideas. Passionate about food and wine, travel, design and ... He is passionate, period.

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