Lucraetio Moscatello di Taggia Secco – 750 ml

D.O.C. wine Western Ligurian Riviera.


Color: intense straw yellow
Bouquet: delicate fruity with herbaceous hints and nuanced notes of citrus
Taste: full-bodied, soft and harmonious with captivating freshness and strong sapidity


It is a fine wine, known and tasted in the Italian and European courts since the fifteenth century, obtained from grapes of the “moscato” variety present in the area since ancient times, but which in more recent times had almost been lost, traces of it only being found in small vineyards family members. The glorious history of this product has aroused the interest of the Mammoliti company which, after identifying some plants of the precious vine in the territory of Ceriana, has started, with the participation of the Liguria Region, a collaboration with the University of Turin and the CNR Di Grugliasco for the study of the variety from an ampelographic and genetic point of view, also carrying out the virological tests necessary for its propagation on the plant material. With the few grapes available, experimental microvinifications were carried out according to careful protocols and the product obtained, analyzed with the most advanced techniques in the laboratory, gave excellent results confirmed by careful organoleptic analysis.

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