Roi & Eattiamo

Roi extravirgin olive oil and Taggiasca olives arrive to the table of hundreds of american families, inside Eattiamo's boxes.

Cooking is far more than the simple act of making food: it is a moment of sharing, a way to have fun, a journey through another culture. This is the belief that inspired EatTiamo in its mission to bring authentic Italian food directly to your table with a box featuring each month a selection of Italian delicacies from small producers all across Italy.

Olio Roi has been producing high quality extra virgin olive oil for more than four generations, using a careful control system that aims to identify and eliminate in advance any possible risk for the health and quality of the product. Each production step is the result of years of R&D, from the selection and the processing of the olives to the finished products, without forgetting the sustainability.

That’s why our products have been chosen by the EatTiamo team to represent the Italian culinary excellence in the United States. In the Cinque Terre Box our Taggiasca Olives are the protagonist for the appetizer and our Monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been used for a delicious home-made Pesto Sauce.

In the Gluten Free Box (link) - a special basket created to satisfy the customers’ demand for healthy and tasty food suitable for celiac people - you can instead find our Artichoke’s spread and the Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which have both been really appreciated.

“Roi has been one of the first companies to enter in the EatTiamo’s Network of producers. We had the pleasure to meet them and visited their mill in the small village of Badalucco, where we discovered their story, the passion they put into their creations and their ability to combine innovation and tradition” Nicholas Figoli, EatTiamo CEO&Founder says.

Paolo Boeri Roi

the new generation of Roi house

He has strong roots, like those of the olive trees among which he has grown, but also branches that protract towards the highest ideas. Passionate about food and wine, travel, design and ... He is passionate, period.

Prodotti in evidenza

Monocultivar Taggiasca 1L

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian

We do this oil exclusively with selected Taggiasca olives. The taste is sweet, typical of the Taggiasca olive.

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Mosto 5L

Extra virgin olive oil 100% Italian

This oil is obtained from the first cold pressing. It is yellow with green reflections. Its smell has tones of artichokes and fresh olive.

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Taggiasco Extravirgin

The gin with Taggiasca olives

In its recipe, you can find all the fragrances of the Valle Argentina, where Roi's olive oil mill is, and the bitter mark of the juniper's fruits from Val di Susa.

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Cru Golf Sanremo

Riviera Ligure PDO oil 500ml

Extra virgin olive oil “Cru Golf Sanremo” PDO Riviera Ligure 500ml, in precious box. A special selection of olives picked by hand in the olive grove of the historic "Circolo Golf degli Ulivi" of Sanremo.

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