Organic Cru Gaaci




How our CRUs were born

Quality in the cultivation of olive groves, rigorous choice of olives to be pressed, a renewed and constantly monitored oil mill, compliance with the regulations and innovation in niche production.
This is where we started from for the creation of our Crus. We wanted to taste the difference between the oil obtained from the same variety of olives that grow in the same valley but at different altitudes. This is how the Cru Gaaci was born, at 600 meters above sea level, the Cru Morgaa at 250 meters in the hills and the Riva Gianca, at 60 meters, near the sea.

Organic CRU Gaaci

In 2004 the first Taggiasca Cru extra virgin olive oil was born: Gaaci, the only oil in the world to report on the label from the cadastral parcel of the olive grove of origin, to the complete analyzes of the oil, passing through those of the soil and the methods of transport and pressing. In short, a sincere product that tells its story to the consumer in the simplest and most thorough way of all. A product so sincere and innovative that in 2007 it won the "Top Innovation" award at the Anuga in Cologne, the most important Food and Beverage fair in the world.
This fine extra virgin olive oil, which has always been grown organically and now also certified, comes from a special selection of olives harvested in the Gaaci di Badalucco olive grove in the magical Argentina Valley at about 500 meters above sea level. With 40% green olives, 50% dark and 10% black, Gaaci extra virgin olive oil is a pearl of western Liguria. Golden yellow in color, it opens to the nose with perceptions of light fruity and herbaceous intensity combined with hints of green apple peel and a slight hint of artichoke. On the palate, the tone is sweet, enriched with notes of dried fruit such as walnuts, almonds and pine nuts and accompanied by the bitterness and light spiciness present at the end.
It is perfect raw to season prestigious meat and fish dishes with a delicate flavor.


The Gaaci olive grove

Scheda Tecnica

Uliveto Biologico Roi -Gaaci nel Comune di Badalucco Prov. di Imperia  Italia

Zona Geologica                           : Flysh di Sanremo (Montano)

Tipo di Terreno                           : Franco Sabbioso

Foglio di Mappa 22                     : Particelle Cat. 326—447—319 Parziali

Superficie Totale                         : 2,5 Ha Google GPS: 43.909704, 7.839883

Cultivar                                        : Taggiasca 100 %

Media Anni Piante                     : 300 Anni

Altitudine                                    : 350 – 450  S.l.M.

Iscritti al Catasto D.O.P.           : Anno 1999

Iscritti a Controllo BIO             : BioAgriCert n° IT BAC 076344

 Dati della Raccolta 

Giorno di Raccolta                     : 08-27-28-29-30 Gen. 2021

Tipo Raccolta                              : Bacchiatura su Reti

Grado Maturazione                    : 40% Verdi, 50 % Invaiate, 10% Mature

Olive Prodotte                            : Kg. 8.158

Trasporto                                     : Cassette di Plastica Forata Cap.25 Kg.per cassetta


Tipo                                             : Molitore in Granito & Decanter  

Giorno di Trasformazione        : 08-27-28-29-30 Gen. 2021

Olio Prodotto                             : Kg. 1.415   = a Litri 1.544

Conservazione                           : Contenitore Acciaio Inox Sigillato

 Dati Analitici dell’Olio

Acidità                                         : 0,24

Perossidi                                     : 7,6

Tipo                                             : Mosto Gran Cru

Certificato D.O.P.                      : da C.C.I.A.A. di Imperia 

Si imbottigliano n° 2.176 bottiglie da 250 ml e n°2.000 da 500 ml


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