Bistrot dell’Ulivo 2018

The appointment with the now traditional and highly anticipated Bistrot dell’Ulivo 2018 is scheduled for Saturday, the serious and light-hearted reflection that brings together numerous names from the world of entertainment, entrepreneurship, culture, journalism, friends of Rossella and Franco Boeri Roi.

Spremitura a freddo, pensieri in libertà

The appointment with the now traditional and highly anticipated Bistrot dell'Ulivo 2018 is scheduled for Saturday, the serious and light-hearted reflection that brings together numerous names from the world of entertainment, entrepreneurship, culture, journalism, friends of Rossella in the Argentina valley and Franco Boeri Roi.

"How well tourism can do agriculture" is the theme proposed for the eighth edition, which will be held in Badalucco on Saturday 7 July, among the olive trees of the Ortai Region, starting at 18:00. At the Bistrot we will try to understand - between a song, a joke and a statement - if it is possible to make these two worlds interact even better: "The example we are referring to is the Langhe - comments Franco Boeri Roi - which thanks to the agricultural and to the quality of the food and wine offer they have become a tourist center of international importance. We do not have their wine, but we are close to the sea, which is not cheap ".


As always, different personalities will participate in the discussion under the olive trees, from Antonio Ricci, television author but also owner of the "Villa La Pergola" botanical garden and the "Nove" restaurant in Alassio, Oscar Farinetti, entrepreneur and owner in the Langa di Fontanafredda, Borgogno, and in the Chianti of "Il Colombaio di Cencio", Gianni Berrino, Councilor for Tourism of the Liguria Region, Alberto Biancheri, Mayor of Sanremo, Maurizio Di Maggio, journalist of Radio Montecarlo, Walter Vacchino, entrepreneur, Walter Lagorio, entrepreneur, Michele Serra, journalist and writer, Pietro Galeotti, television author, and many others. The evening will also be attended by Mauro Pagani, musician, Vittorio De Scalzi, musician, L'Ora Canonica (Pippo Bessone, Claudio Dadone, Luca Occelli).

The certificate of esteem and sympathy will be delivered to Gianna and Massimo Caviglia, of the homonymous fruit and vegetable farm, who have a gigantic and beautiful vegetable garden on the border between Taggia and Badalucco, in the Oxentina Region, where consumers can go to choose fruit and vegetables, which are also sold in the various zero km agricultural markets that take place on the coast.

The illustration for the Bistrot dell'Ulivo poster was produced by Lorenzo Mattotti: "Thanks to the intercession of Sergio Staino, who unfortunately will not be able to be present this year - explains Franco Boeri Roi -, the poster was created by a great artist, of international importance ".

At the Bistrot dell'Ulivo 2018 an award will also be offered, the Valle Argentina Etica Award, to Sergio Costa, "who for over 35 years has been working and orienting his interests towards recovery, protection and stimulation for a more ethical world, aimed at all areas of interest that speak of design. Sergio Costa, a great observer of the changing world, was able to understand how talking about ethics played a fundamental role in creative processes ". The Award was established by the Valle Argentina Ethics Commission, following the recognition received in April as the first ethical territory.

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Lorenzo Mattotti lives and works in Paris. He made his debut at the end of the 70s as a comic book author and in the early 80s he founded the Valvoline group with other designers. In 1984 he created Fuochi, which, welcomed as an event in the world of comics, won important international awards. With "Incidenti", "Signor Spartaco", "Doctor Nefasto", "The man at the window" and many other books up to "Stigmate" published in Italy by Einaudi, Mattotti's work has evolved according to a constant of great consistency , but in the eclectic sign of those who always choose to try themselves in the new. Today his books are translated all over the world. He publishes in newspapers and magazines such as The New Yorker, Le Monde, Das Magazin, Suddeutsche Zeitung, Nouvel Observateur, Corriere della Sera and Repubblica.

For fashion, she interpreted the models of the most famous designers in Vanity magazine. For children he illustrates various books including "Pinocchio" and "Eugenio" who won the Grand Prix of Bratislava in 1993, one of the highest awards in children's publishing. He has numerous personal exhibitions including the anthology at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, at the FransHals museum in Haarlem at the Museums of Porta Romana. Among the latest publications: "The noise of the frost", "Jekyll & Hyde" for Einaudi and "Angkor - Carnet de voyage" and "I Manifesti di Mattotti" published by Nuages. He creates posters, covers, advertising campaigns and he owns the Cannes 2000 poster and the posters for the Roman Summer. He recently collaborated on "Eros" by Wong Kar way - Soderbergh and Antonioni, taking care of the presentation segments of each episode.

Franco Boeri Roi

Il Frantoiano Ribelle

They say of me that I can combine the wisdom of an old man and the liveliness of a boy, without being either of them. Basically a hippie with a business flair.

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