Cru Golf Sanremo


How our CRUs were born

Quality in the cultivation of olive groves, rigorous choice of olives to be pressed, a renewed and constantly monitored oil mill, compliance with the regulations and innovation in niche production.
This is where we started from for the creation of our Crus. We wanted to taste the difference between the oil obtained from the same variety of olives that grow in the same valley but at different altitudes. Gaaci, Morga, Riva Gianca and Golf, these are the four axes of the company, oils that tell the territory, from Monte Saccarello to the sea, and express its most hidden characteristics


The latest Roi Cru was more of a challenge than an oil. It comes from the centuries-old olive trees that grow in the historic golf course of Sanremo, to which those of Albenga have now been added. These olive trees were practically abandoned, but with the help of a local cooperative that employs people in difficulty, they were cared for and we produced an excellent extra virgin olive oil.
Thus was born, in the 2015-2016 vintage, the Cru Golf Sanremo of Olio Roi, extra virgin olive oil "DOP Riviera Ligure, Riviera dei Fiori", the first DOP oil of Sanremo. Certain origin, quality certified and guaranteed by the Consortium for the Protection of Riviera Ligure PDO.
Cru Golf is a 100% Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil produced from hand-picked olives. The hint of artichoke is clear - typical of the Taggiasca olive - and goes well with fresh olives and green apple peel. A remarkable mix of delicate and elegant aromas. The paste has a good consistency and gives the oil a persistence in the mouth that is as long as it is pleasant. In the sweet nature, apple and pine nut are picked with unobtrusive notes of bitterness. The oil is not only DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) certified for territorial traceability, but also FOE (Friend Of The Earth) for sustainable agriculture.

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The olive grove Golf Sanremo

Scheda Tecnica

Uliveto “Circolo Golf degli Ulivi” nel Comune di Sanremo Prov. di Imperia  Italia

Zona Geologica                           : Flysh di Sanremo (Montano)

Tipo di Terreno                           : Franco Sabbioso

Foglio di Mappa 22                     : Particelle Cat. 1206-1807-1198-789-1101 Parziali

Superficie Totale                         : 20 Ha Google GPS: 43.83263, 7.75416

Cultivar                                        : Taggiasca 100 %

Media Anni Piante                     : 200 Anni

Altitudine                                    : 120  S.l.M.

Iscritti al Catasto D.O.P.           : Anno 2015

Iscritti a Controllo BIO             : BioAgriCert n° IT BAC 076344

 Dati della Raccolta 

Giorno di Raccolta                     : 20-21-22-23-29-31 Ott. 4 Nov. 2020

Tipo Raccolta                              : Bacchiatura su Reti

Grado Maturazione                    : 40% Verdi, 50 % Invaiate, 10% Mature

Olive Prodotte                            : Kg. 8952

Trasporto                                     : Cassette di Plastica Forata Cap.25 Kg.per cassetta


Tipo                                             : Molitore in Granito & Decanter  

Giorno di Trasformazione        :  20-21-22-23-29-31 Ott. 4 Nov. 2020

Olio Prodotto                             : Kg. 1.166  = a Litri 1.273

Conservazione                           : Contenitore Acciaio Inox Sigillato

 Dati Analitici dell’Olio

Acidità                                         : 0,32

Perossidi                                     : 7,7

Tipo                                             : Mosto Gran Cru

Si imbottigliano n°6000 bottiglie da Ml 500


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Monocultivar Taggiasca 1L

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian

We do this oil exclusively with selected Taggiasca olives. The taste is sweet, typical of the Taggiasca olive.

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Mosto 5L

Extra virgin olive oil 100% Italian

This oil is obtained from the first cold pressing. It is yellow with green reflections. Its smell has tones of artichokes and fresh olive.

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In its recipe, you can find all the fragrances of the Valle Argentina, where Roi's olive oil mill is, and the bitter mark of the juniper's fruits from Val di Susa.

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Cru Golf Sanremo

Riviera Ligure PDO oil 500ml

Extra virgin olive oil “Cru Golf Sanremo” PDO Riviera Ligure 500ml, in precious box. A special selection of olives picked by hand in the olive grove of the historic "Circolo Golf degli Ulivi" of Sanremo.

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